Bildtstars en Eigenheimers

In 2018 the photo project ‘Bildtstars and Eigenheimers’ kicked off with ten giant portraits of local potato farmers along the Wadden Sea coast of Northeast Friesland. You will find the portraits – by photographer Linette Raven –  on farm roofs, walls and barns in the middle of the landscape for at least five years.  Installed on their own farms, the potato farmers and their families become visible. What story do they want to tell about the land they are working on? About their culture and their lives? Discover it on location – surrounded by all elements and at your own pace – guided by the ‘Bildtstars and Eigenheimers’ experience route: an expedition through a unique area. Since June 2020, zeven more photos were added to the route.

The experience route ‘Bildtstars and Eigenheimers’ can be downloaded through the website of Visit Wadden‘. It’s also available at The route guides you along seventeen monumental photo installations that change your perspective on the landscape. From afar the portrayed potato farmers gaze over the fields. What moves these hard workers? Listen to the audio files through the website to learn more about their passion for the land, farm life and the potato. Information signs at all farms welcome you on their yard. The route starts in Hallum and ends in Anjum. By bike it takes about two hours, but you can also visit and admire the photo installations by car of course.

About Linette van Raven
Linette Raven is a photographer. People, heritage and flowers are the main topics in the work that Raven initiates and develops. Linette wants to inspire people to look at each other and the environment again. Linette sees photography more as a craft than just a beautiful photo. She photographs close to the skin, both literally and figuratively. In her work, Linette searches for nuances that give portraits content and meaning Expressions, emotions and urgency are palpable. All of her outdoor projects are usually accompanied by sound installations and interviews.
Linette Raven has been based in Amsterdam with her studio since 2018.

The beautiful stories about the farmers are written bij Ellen Schat.

Bildtstars & Eigenheimers promo from Sense of Place on Vimeo.

Bildtstars & Eigenheimers song by Jan de Vries

Potato eater meets potato grower
With ‘Bildtstars and Eigenheimers’ Sense of Place restores the relationship between potato eater and potato grower; all of a sudden local potato farmers are standing face to face with the audience and play the leading role in their own landscape. The ten portraits along the Wadden Sea coast of Northeast Friesland are only the beginning of the project.
In the next years to come many more large portraits will follow at surprising locations along the Wadden coast of Groningen. ‘The landscape is the people and the people are the landscape’, says photographer Linette Raven. You just have to get to know these people.

Are you coming along on an expedition? From now on you will not just eat fries or potatoes without hearing the wonderful stories!

Location: From Firdgum to Anjum