Kerend Tij: Waterpanorama

In 2018 Sense of Place presented two exhibitions, both of which opened at venues in Leeuwarden.
At the city’s Aegon building and the De Kanselarij ‘open community’.

In the courtyard of the Aegon building a striking work of art was realized by Sense of Place.  In Waterpanorama, the visitor was surrounded by the Wadden area.
An impressive circular structure, 3 meters high (at about the actual height of the Wadden), with a diameter of 20 meters was designed by Alex van de Beld.
An architectural installation where the public can walk through and climb into. On the raised stage you do not find yourself in a literal landscape, but in an abstract view of ebb and flow and the continuous movement of the area. The actual panorama is made by artists Irem Kaneli en Stijn Smit. With mud clay! De amazing soundscape is by Tristan Visser.

About Alex van de Beld

Alex van de Beld was the founder of the Groningen office Onix and as an architect- director active within the agency for twenty years. Since its inception in 1994, the agency has realized more than 100 projects, including school buildings, homes, public buildings, offices, healthcare facilities, bridges and interiors. These projects are characterized by innovative constructions and experimental structures and an exceptional sensitivity to the practical dimension.

In 2014 he left  Onix and started ALBSurroundings. In addition, he teaches the LTH Lund at the Advanced Architectural Design department. Van de Beld’s work has been awarded many prizes, including the Charlotte Köhler Prize (1994), the Bouwfonds Prize (1998), the Dutch Design Award (2006), the Vredeman de Vries Prize (2004,2008 and 2010), BNA Prize North (2010), the Stavanger Architecture Prize (2012), IBA Hamburg Housing (2013) and the Wood Architecture-Oeuvre Prize (2014).

About Kaneli & Smit
The clay soil of the Netherlands and the Wadden Sea is a recurring theme and ingredient in the work of Kaneli&Smit. Especially the North of the Netherlands (Groningen and Friesland) and the Wadden Sea area, with its specific light and infinite horizon, is an inspiration and a real collaborator in the synergistic work of this duo.

About Tristan Visser
Sound artist Tristan Visser lives on the Dutch isle Terschelling. He graduated from the Academy of Pop Culture in Leeuwarden and focuses on sound installations and audiovisual productions. When is sound considered music? He investigates this boundary in his works. He draws inspiration from his travels by sea and sounds from below sea level. He wants to arouse curiosity about the Arctic landscape and themes such as climate change, new shipping routes in the Arctic, gas and oil exploration in Alaska.

‘Do the sounds we as humans send into the ocean have an effect on the animals? This is what’s it all about in his film ‘Under Water – the search for the sound landscape at sea’.

Exhibition dates: 12.04.2018 – 25.11.2018 

Location: Zuidersingel, Leeuwarden